Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lync Monitoring Dashboard Error

If you install the Monitoring server role for Lync and you get the following error message when opening the Dashboard on the reports page:

Report processing stopped because too many rows in summary tables are missing in the call detail recording (CDR) database. To resolve this issue, run dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables on the LcsCDR database.

But how do we run dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables?! Just follow these instructions:   :)

1. Go to your SQL Server where you installed the reports and start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (for the Monitoring Instance)

2. Expand Databases --> LcsCDR --> Programmability and finally Stored Procedures

3. In there, scroll down until you find the stored procedure specified in the error. In this case, dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables.

4. Right-Click the stored procedure and select Execute Store Procedure.

5. On the Execute Procedure window, click OK.

6. And hopefully will get a Return Value of zero.

Go back to your Dashboard, refresh the page and it should now work!    :)


  1. Thank you!
    Non-sql admin here, really appreciate the call out to the stored procedures.

  2. You're welcome. Glad it helped! :)

  3. Thank you!
    It helped to solve my problem too.:)

  4. Excellent! That’s what I like to hear! :)

  5. thank you very much, the problem was solved, but I wonder what was it that I have now solved running ok but not what I did.

  6. Glad it helped and everything is working fine now! :)