Friday, October 5, 2012

iOS 6 Issues with Exchange

There have been some reports that iOS 6 is not working properly for many Exchange users... Apparently there are two issues:

Push E-mail
Push delivery of e-mail does not work, meaning users have to manually check for e-mails. It seems that this issue is not carrier or device specific and rebooting or reconfiguring the Exchange accounts only “fixes” the issue temporarily.

This second issue happens when users decline a meeting invitation from an iOS 6 device. Instead of simply sending a notification to the meeting organizer, iOS 6 sends meeting cancellation notices to the entire group of attendees, cancelling the invitation for everyone!

In the environment where I work, we don’t seem to be experiencing any of these issues. Initially I asked colleagues if they were having any problems with push e-mail and they were all working fine (I believe our ServiceDesk has not received any calls regarding this yet – we have 651 devices on iOS 6 so far).
As to the second issue, I tested it three times with different users and with the new iPad, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and couldn’t replicate the issue...

However, this seems to be affecting many, many Exchange 2007/2010 organizations out there, so please be aware of this and test it!

UPDATE: The Exchange Team has just published a post on this: iOS6 devices erroneously take ownership of meetings!

UPDATE 2: looks like Apple has released an update for iOS 6 (available via iTunes and wirelessly) which supposedly fixes the issues of this OS with Microsoft Exchange meetings! More information here.


  1. I have 3 cases in my company.
    Some emails I can see on Iphone but not on Outlook.
    We disable the cached mode and we are trying to find a solution.

  2. Hi Samara,
    Thank you for sharing! That seems to be a different issue. A problem with Outlook? I am guessing the e-mails are also in OWA as well correct? Does Outlook get updated eventually?