Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Exchange 2013 Managed Availability

In Exchange 2013, native, built-in monitoring and recovery actions are included in a feature called Managed Availability. Managed Availability is the integration of built-in, active monitoring and the Exchange 2013 high availability platform, allowing Exchange to make a determination on when to fail over a database based on service health.

To view the health of a server, you use the cmdlets Get-ServerHealth to retrieve the raw health data and Get-HealthReport that operates on the raw health data and provides a snapshot of the health.

This example returns the server health for server MBX1:
Get-ServerHealth MBX1

The following examples return a report on the health of the server. The second cmdlet narrows this report to the Store process:
Get-ServerHealth | Get-HealthReport
Get-ServerHealth | Where {$_.HealthSetName -eq “Store”} | Get-HealthReport

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