Friday, April 8, 2016

Office 365 Admin App for Windows 10

Microsoft has released the beta version of the Office 365 Admin app for Windows 10, which is available for both Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile!

This app gives admins the ability to administer Office 365 directly from their desktop. It supports notification integration with Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Partner scenarios, allowing admins to easily switch organizations if they manage Office 365 for multiple tenants. The mobile version has the exact same user experience making switching from desktop to the mobile app extremely easy.

To install it, search for “office 365 admin” in the Windows App Store and you should find it straight away. Click Install and, once installed, click Open: 

Alternatively, once installed, search for “office 365” in your start menu:

Simply add an account for an Office 365 tenant you want to manage:

Once logged in, the app’s dashboard provides some high level information about the service and the tenant itself:

We can search for all users provisioned in the tenant:

As well as perform a variety of actions on user accounts or gather further information about them:

We can check the current health of the Office 365 tenant:

Read any available messages:

And much, much more! Give it a try :)

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