Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Determine Client Used to Send Email

Just recently someone asked me if there was a way to determine which email client (Outlook, OWA or ActiveSync) was used to send a particular email. On top of that, this person was also interested is finding out how many emails are sent per day using each of these clients.

The good news is that the Message Tracking Logs register this information. Every email sent has a SourceContext property which contains, amongst other information, the ClientType used to send the email. The important thing is to check this property for SUBMIT events, i.e., when the Mailbox Transport Submission service successfully transmits the email to the Transport service.

For SUBMIT events, the SourceContext property contains the following details:
  • MDB: the mailbox database GUID;
  • Mailbox: the mailbox GUID;
  • Event: the event sequence number;
  • MessageClass: the type of message. For example, IPM.Note;
  • CreationTime: date and time of the message submission;
  • ClientType: for example OWA or ActiveSync.

Please note that this only applies to emails sent by internal users. There is no SUBMIT event when an external sender sends an email to an internal user, meaning there is no ClientType property for these emails. In these cases, the only information we have regarding the sender is what the email headers contain, which does not include email client information.

To check what email client was used to send a particular email, we can run something like the following cmdlet and look at the SourceContext field:
Get-TransportService | Get-MessageTrackingLog -ResultSize Unlimited -Start 05/11/2016 -EventID SUBMIT -Sender -MessageSubject Test | Select SourceContext

This field will contain information like the following:
MDB:34f3dc86-91bb-4ee7-a6a5-3d3ddc536050, Mailbox:a1de664f-9826-43a3-b9c8-3db019c86d8b, Event:29647741, MessageClass:IPM.Note, CreationTime:2016-05-11T07:17:14.922Z, ClientType:MOMT

In this case, MOMT stands for MAPI on the Middle Tier, basically clients that connect using Outlook or any other application that connects using RPC/HTTP or MAPI/HTTP.

To count the number of emails sent using OWA today, we can run something like this:
(Get-TransportService | Get-MessageTrackingLog -ResultSize Unlimited -Start 05/11/2016 -EventID SUBMIT | Where {$_.SourceContext -match "OWA"}).Count

Easy as that! :)


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