Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delete E-mails From Users' Mailbox

I see a lot of posts of people asking how to delete certain e-mails from their users’ mailboxes.

It is very simple and it is done using the Export-Mailbox command.

Imagine that we want to delete e-mails from from any of my folders. In this case we would simply do:

Export-Mailbox -SenderKeywords -DeleteContent

Because you are not using the –TargetMailbox option and we are using –DeleteContent, all the e-mails that match the search criteria won’t be exported to anywhere but actually deleted.

But, of course, we can do searches a lot more complex. For example, let’s delete:
- all e-mails from every folder except the Deleted Items folder
- that were sent from with the subject “Test E-mail
- and that are older than one month:

[DateTime] $date1Month = [DateTime]::Now.AddMonths(-1)

Export-Mailbox -SenderKeywords -SubjectKeywords "Test E-mail" -EndDate $date1Month -ExcludeFolders "\Deleted Items" -DeleteContent -Confirm:$False

If you are doing this on a script for a list of users, you can also do something like:

ForEach (...)
 $strDeleted = Export-Mailbox $strMbxToSearch -SenderKeywords -SubjectKeywords "Test E-mail" -EndDate $date1Month -ExcludeFolders "\Deleted Items" -DeleteContent -Confirm:$False

 $intTotalDel = $strDeleted.StandardMessagesDeleted
 Write-Host "Searched $strMbxToSearch and deleted $intTotalDel"

Note that all the deleted e-mails will go to the user’s dumpster, not to the Deleted Items folder.

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