Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Exchange Online Mailbox Audit Improvements: UpdateFolderPermissions

A few weeks ago, Microsoft added a new action to the Exchange mailbox auditing: UpdateFolderPermissions. As the name suggests, when this action is being logged, it records changes to folder permissions, be that Owner, Delegates, or Admin.

Microsoft has updated the default mailbox audit configuration to include the UpdateFolderPermissions action. In the following screenshot, we can see that auditing has not been enabled for the ServiceDesk shared mailbox, but UpdateFolderPermissions is part of the default auditing configuration for all 3 access types:

Existing mailboxes that have not deviated from the default configuration will be automatically updated to include the UpdateFolderPermissions action. My own mailbox has had the default auditing settings enabled for a long time, and now UpdateFolderPermissions was automatically added as well:

With mailbox audit configured with this action, we will find records in the audit logs when permissions of folders are added, deleted or modified. These records can be found both in the unified audit log:

Or in the mailbox audit log through the Search-MailboxAuditlog cmdlet.

In the following screenshot, we are searching the mailbox audit logs for the AddFolderPermissions action. Using these logs, we can see that I (LogonType: Owner) used OWA to give ServiceDesk Owner rights to my Clutter folder, and that I used Outlook to give them Reviewer rights to my Archive folder:

Besides AddFolderPermissions, we can also track ModifyFolderPermissions and RemoveFolderPermissions actions:

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