Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to Disable Microsoft Stream

As an Office 365 Global Admin, you can prevent some or all users in your organisation from being able to use Stream. This is typically done in cases where employees are already using Office 365 Video or if Stream has not been approved by all parts of your organisation.

When a first user from any organisation signs-up for Microsoft Stream using their corporate credentials, Microsoft Stream service is registered as an application in the organisation's Office 365 tenant. The license is automatically assigned to the user who signed up. There are additional licenses available for the IT admin to assign to other users in the organization without them going through the sign up process.

Important: as an admin, you can unlicense users from the Office 365 admin center. However, even though you might have removed Microsoft Stream license from a user, they have the option to sign-up via a free trial and get access to your organisation's Stream portal.


To turn off Microsoft Stream for everyone, follow these steps:

  1. As an Office 365 Global Admin, log in to the Azure portal;
  2. In the Azure Active Directory (AAD) section, click Enterprise Application, and then in the Manage section, click All Applications;
  3. Change the filters to Show All Applications with All Application Status, and then click Apply;
  4. Search for Microsoft Stream Service from the list of applications, or search by the GUID 2634dd23-5e5a-431c-81ca-11710d9079f4 for Microsoft Stream Service:
  1. Click the Microsoft Stream Service application, and then under Manage, click Properties;
  2. Set Enabled for users to sign-in flag to No;
  3. Click Save:


You have now blocked access to all users for Stream. When a user now tries to access Stream, they will receive the following error message:

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