Sunday, November 11, 2012

Default Junk E-Mail folder moved to a subfolder of Journal

A while back got a user saying he wasn’t receiving some e-mails. Straight away I asked for an example and searched the Message Tracking Logs for the e-mail, only to confirm it had been delivered.
Luckily for me, my search revealed something really useful too:
RunspaceId : b1156ba1-602e-434f-97c2-14822536234c
Timestamp : 05/11/2012 08:48:23
ClientIp :
ClientHostname : xxxxxxx
ServerIp :
ServerHostname : xxxxxxx
SourceContext : 08CE8549B7FC9C12;2012-11-05T08:48:23.828Z;0
ConnectorId :
InternalMessageId : 4039958
MessageId : <210c68f5fb76da439a65309fd835991f0c7ce3 data-blogger-escaped-nat10exc01="nat10exc01">
Recipients : { }
RecipientStatus : {Junk E-mail}
TotalBytes : 20527
RecipientCount : 1
RelatedRecipientAddress :
Reference :
MessageSubject : RE: Wednesday
Sender :
ReturnPath : xxxxxxx@
MessageInfo : 2012-11-05T08:48:23.000Z;;
MessageLatency : 00:00:00.9060000
MessageLatencyType : EndToEnd
EventData : {[MailboxDatabaseName, mdb33], [DatabaseHealth, -1]}

The e-mail was delivered to the Junk E-mail folder (look at RecipientStatus)! :) Ok, job done! Not exactly... When I went to the user’s mailbox to check a couple of e-mails to see if they were actually Spam, I couldn’t find the Junk E-mail folder! For some strange reason, it got moved to inside the Notes folder!...

So, how do we move it back?! If you try to move any of the default folders like Inbox, Deleted Items, etc., you will simply receive an error message.
The only way to move these is to use MFCMapi:
1. Download MFCMAPI
2. Launch MFCMAPI
3. Go to Session -> Logon and Display Store Table
4. Select the outlook profile of the user and double-click “Mailbox - User Name”
5. Expand “Root Container”
6. Expand “Top of Information Store”
7. Locate Junk E-mail, right click it and select Copy
8. Highlight “Top of Information Store”, right click it and select Paste
9. Click OK
10. Check “COPY_SUBFOLDERS” and “FOLDER_MOVE” and click OK

Hope this helps!


  1. I didn't have this problem but it is good to know and to be prepared. Good thing it is just simple solution trough MFCMAPI.

  2. Yeah, it is pretty simple! But the question about how this happened is still a mystery...

    1. Then we could call this temporary solution that works.