Friday, June 20, 2014

Netwrix Auditor Product Review

Netwrix is a US software company that specializes in auditing solutions for IT systems and applications. Its flagship product is Netwrix Auditor, previously known as Change Reporter Suite. Netwrix Auditor collects data on changes made to an IT infrastructure, such as Exchange, Active Directory, EMC storage, SharePoint, SQL, VMware and more. It generates reports showing the before and after values for who changed what, when and where in a human-readable format, with the possibility of long-term data archiving.
Netwrix Auditor is a great product that provides, in one place and in a readable format, all the auditing reports any Exchange administrator can want, something currently lacking out there. Its customizable capacities together with its reporting power, make this a great product for any type of organization where auditing is a must, from SMBs to Enterprises.
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