Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Staged Exchange Migration with ADFS and DirSync

Some organizations implement ADFS and DirSync in order to take advantage of the Single Sign-On capabilities. However, not all of them opt for a hybrid deployment and perform a Staged Exchange Migration instead to move mailboxes from the on-premises environment to Office 365.
In order to perform such migration, one of the steps involved is the creation of a CSV for the Migration batch. This CSV needs to have three columns: EmailAddress, Password and ForceChangePassword.
The problem here is if the ForceChangePassword field is set to True. This will cause the migration to fail because Office 365 cannot modify that attribute for an Identity Federated user (remember we are using ADFS and DirSync) so you would get an error.
To overcome this, simply update the CSV file and set the ForceChangePassword field to False. This should allow for the migration to succeed.

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